Get Ripped!

Men All Over The World Into BEASTS!

There is little in the world that will zap your confidence like being small and weak among men who are true beasts. As you know, it doesn't take too much dwindle down to nothing. Even easier to expand your gut instead of your bicepts. Luckily, there are solutions for the everyday man to help get that beastly look.

Wihtout proper use and exercise, our bodies naturally eat away at muscle. That's right, WORK and SCHOOL are turning most modern men into wuss-bags. Not hard to understand why all image dipictions of cavemen had them looking hulky. They didn't have to sit in a cubical for the 9 to 5 nor sit through rush hour for years on end!

The good news is, you can overcome these menacing circles with a few simple remedies that you probably already have in your home!

Fuel On The Protein

Protein is key to building muscle. Your body needs it. Chances are, you aren't getting the amount your body is telling you it needs.

Start reading food labels to get a sense of how many calories you're already eating. Then add 500 to that number and start eating that many calories every day. Aim to take in about one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Another option is to mix protein powder juice with your meals. Double up on your intake. This will fill you up so you don't snack and help get those much needed proteins in you. Follow this remedy daily for at least one week.

Limit Your Cardio

We knew you'd like this one. Seems like less work right? Nice and easy. WRONG!

You can do up to two days of light jogging on the treadmill, but keep it to around 30 minutes per session. To lose fat while sparing muscle, you'd do even better to perform sprint intervals for instance, running all-out for a minute and then backing off to a light jog for two minutes. Do this for 30 minutes, three times a week.

You can do this. You need to do this. Just suck it up and do it. What are you waiting for?

Lower Your Reps

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice.... ah we know we wouldn't fool you a second time.

Do no more than 20 sets per muscle group; closer to 12 is even better. Your reps should be between six and 12 per set for the most muscle growth, and your workouts should never last much longer than 45 minutes. In lieu of more volume, use heavier weights and move through each rep at a controlled speed. Your sets should last between 40 and 70 seconds; any less, and you're not tensing your muscles long enough to shock them into growth.

If you want muscle growth, this is the answer. Weren't working out before you started this? that's ok. Start small anywhays and work up to where you need to be. Work with the end in mind and push yourself daily to up your limits.

Stretch Regularly

This one doesn't necessarily build muscle, but if you have to put off your routine for a few weeks because you hurt yourself, you'll never get anywhere.

Stretching of any kind (getting into a stretched position and holding it, or moving fluidly in and out of position), using a foam roller and getting massages will all help keep you flexible, prevent injury, and improve recovery between workouts.

Stretch multiple times per day. Get flexible! Besides, think of all the other fun things you'll be able to do when you look like a beast AND you are surprisingly flexible. Ummm hmmmm.

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